Glossary of Terms

FUD – Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt. This is a term often used to describe the competitive tactic of prividing information to a prospective customer about a competitor that would cause them to have fear, uncertainty or doubt about them having success with another vendor.
SFDC – An abbreviation of often used to describe the CRM system. 
Double trigger – 
Single trigger –
Cats and dogs – A forecasting term used to describe all the smaller deals that could be closing within a forecast period. Example: “I’ve got about 40K left in cats and dogs this month. I’m forecasting I’ll close about 50% of that pipeline.”
OTE – An abbreviation of “On Target Earnings”. This number is the estimated amount of money you will make in a given year if you hit your quota. 
RSU – An abbreviation of the term “Restricted Stock Unit”. 
Overassign – 
Underassign – 
Hired Over – This means a new boss has been hired over the top of you and creating a new layer between you and your current boss. This is also often referred to as “Being Layered”. 
GTM – An acronym that stands for Go To Market. This describes your general marketing and sales coverage plan.

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