The goal behind QuotaClimb is simple. The world is full of companies trying to prove value and sell their service(s) to help other’s lives be better in some way. A big part of how that transpires is through the actions, words and ideas of sales people.

Over the past 2 decades I’ve had the immense fortune and opportunity to work alongside and learn from truly great revenue professionals and lead truly inspiring teams This blog is all about sharing those personal experiences and opinions about sales in growing companies.

I started my SaaS journey in 2008 at SuccessFactors where I was trained how to be a consultative sales professional. Jerry Clarno brought me under his wing and taught me many life/work lessons. I immersed myself in Sandler, Barry Rhein and Exec level selling. During my time there I saw the company grow from ~400 to nearly 2,000 employees while also experiencing my first IPO.

I then joined Box.net in 2010 at 50 employees and helped the company scale from 3MM to 100+ MM in various roles from Account Executive, one of first sales managers and then a Regional Director. There I was mentored by Jim Herbold who taught me a ton about managing through data and superb operations. I saw nearly every stage of SaaS growth from Series A to IPO. Including a name change and international growth 🙂

After Box I joined a seed funded, stealth company called “Blackbird” with 1 customer and no web presence. I oversaw the company official launch, acquired the first 10 customers and grew ARR to nearly $1MM. My prospecting and networking efforts led to the acquisition of the company by Etsy in 2016.

Following the acquisition I then built the 1st Enterprise Sales Teams at Periscope Data and Envoy from scratch. I also managed BDRs and Channel Partnerships. At these stints I again saw growth from sub 10M to 40MM and acquired even more scaling, interviewing, operational and GTM experience. I also became aware that I aligned closely with the concepts Todd Caponi and Mark Roberge share with the world.

In my most recent role as CRO at WorkRamp I scaled from 4MM to ~ 16MM and grew the Revenue Org from ~20 people to over 100. Managing Sales, Success, Channel, Rev Ops, SEs and Revenue Enablement.

I am now consulting early stage SaaS companies in building and scaling Revenue. A sampling of my specialties below: 

  • Product feedback loops
  • Interview process design
  • Sales & Renewal Forecasting
  • Pipeline management best practices
  • Effective 1:1s
  • New Manager training
  • Rules of engagement design
  • Revenue Team Swim lanes design
  • Org structure
  • Compensation design
  • Large Deal management
  • Prospecting Best Practices
  • Metrics tracking / dashboard design
  • OKR setting and goal management

If you are interested in learning about my consulting services please reach out to me on Linkedin.

I hope you enjoy it and learn something or at least have a good laugh at what we share!

* You can learn more about me on Linkedin
** If you see an acronym or word anywhere on the site that you haven’t seen before, I might have posted an explanation here

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