2039967Rocky Paap is blessed to have a wife that tolerates his various obsessions including family, classic american automobiles, men’s softball, the SF Giants, twitter, Labradors, random weekend horticulture and the internet in general. He is the father of 3 young children, that share his energy for life and hilarious sense of humor. Rocklin Bert Paap JR  (full name) is the oldest of 6, a California native, born in Tahoe, raised in Watsonville, graduated from Santa Clara with a degree in Finance and lived in the Silicon Valley for much of his adult life, then transplanted to Kansas City. He has held various roles within high growth companies (AFC, SuccessFactors, Box, Blackbird, Periscope Data, Envoy & WorkRamp) ranging from Sales Development, Account Management, Account Executive, Sales Manager, Director of Sales,VP of Sales, VP of Revenue and CRO. Rocky was a member of Box’s original sales team (circa 2009) and closed several of the first 6 figure deals in the company’s history. After being promoted to be one of the company’s first sales managers he helped hire and scale a materially significant portion of the sales team while helping develop the foundation of sales process, go to market and sales operations. He has scaled several high performing teams and has been responsible for full scale go to market strategies in several roles. His hair is thinner and more gray now than it has ever been. His father thinks that is hilarious.

RussRuss Thau is the CRO at SafeGraph, has also held posts as Founder/CEO of RedJay, VP Revenue at Envoy & VP of Sales of Intercom. He manages a team that helps evangelize, educate, and guide prospective customers on how to get the most out of SafeGraph. He was the first member of the SMB team at SuccessFactors and the first externally hired manager at Box. In both cases he helped them grow from $10M – $100M. He has a beautiful wife with an amazing voice and they are blessed to have two wonderful children. Russ loves being the contrarian in any debate. Even if he is arguing for the side he doesn’t actually agree with!

dan-olearyDan O’Leary loves to solve problems. Periodically he also creates them! He is currently focused on enterprise content collaboration, disruptive technology, awful puns, trips to Taco Bell (NOM!) and soccer. He enjoys Thinking10X as the Principal Solutions Architect @BoxHQ. He’s an Alumni @Cal Poly. He earned his ECM stripes @LincWare and @Laserfiche and has a hilarious dog named Mr. Pickles.

zlawrykZach Lawryk has worked in presales, for some of the fastest growing companies and sales teams in history. Starting with, Get Satisfaction, Box, leading Sales Engineering at Optimizely and now managing SEs at Slack. He loves a great demo.

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