You should be setting pipeline coverage goals

This is a companion piece to my previous post about ways to improve your Forecasting accuracy. When meeting with business leaders, I also like to ask the question: “ “What is your pipeline coverage for this and next quarter?” I find this to be a key metric to track, but not everyone knows what the... Continue Reading →

Does your forecast accuracy suck?

When meeting with business leaders, I like to ask the question: “How accurate are your forecasts?” I do so because it's not always an answer folks in SaaS actually immediately know. Once you do though, you can learn a ton about your business. For one, if your forecasts are not accurate, you may as well... Continue Reading →

Whats is a Fractional CRO?

I’ve been consulting startup founders for 10 years. Sometimes as part of a paid engagement and other times just as friends swapping ideas. I got my initial start with the Alchemist Accelerator then branched out via my network and through VCs. My absolute favorite things about being in the SaaS world are the bonds that... Continue Reading →

Why do you work?

This week I felt like writing something a bit more personal and less about metrics or strategies. My friend Russ Thau talks with his teams about why he works and asks them to share if they feel comfortable. I saw him do this about 10 years ago when we worked together at Box and I... Continue Reading →

AEs and CSMs mad at each other? 

In my career, especially on the “upMarket / Enterprise” side of responsibilities, I’ve always enjoyed the concept of team selling. There is nothing quite like having a well oiled machine, where multiple smart people are collaborating and working on a collective strategy to help a customer be successful. This works extremely well when each role... Continue Reading →

Journey From Idea to $100MM

Last week I talked about emotional journeys. Today I want to talk about a different type of journey. One of my absolute favorite things about being in the SaaS world is the sheer audacity it takes to go from literally an idea to a large (potentially public) company in a matter of years. Its literally... Continue Reading →

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