How To Sell Software Like Kids Toys | I Want Duplo Blocks!

Here's a story that you just might be able to relate too!  One of my favorite things about sales is how the experiences in my job are applicable to my personal life as a husband, father, sibling, son, and friend. The same can be said the other direction: The experiences I have as a husband, sibling, son, father,... Continue Reading →

I’m not a VP of Sales.

I'm not a VP of Sales today. I will be a VP of Sales within the next 12 months. Bold statement? I believe in writing your goals down and having conviction in what you set out to do. I don't always attain my goals but I believe writing them down statistically improves the likelihood that I will. My good... Continue Reading →

The Devil Is Here. What About The Boss?

Last week I covered ideas on holdouts for reps here: Now we talk about how to handle it for the managers! In my opinion the logic behind the holdout concept is pretty much: Holdouts on some number of open opportunities will be allowed in order to ease trick/touchy account ownership transitions (more reps, new segments etc) and... Continue Reading →

Why am I doing this?

I was talking with a mentor recently and he suggested I create a blog. Truth be told I've always wanted to journal more of my ideas and experiences while working in high growth companies here in the silicon valley but it always seemed impossible to have enough to say or enough time to do it. The funny... Continue Reading →

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