Why am I doing this?

I was talking with a mentor recently and he suggested I create a blog. Truth be told I’ve always wanted to journal more of my ideas and experiences while working in high growth companies here in the silicon valley but it always seemed impossible to have enough to say or enough time to do it. The funny thing is during that same conversation he also asked me a series of questions, including this one: “Should I create an upsell team?”. My asking some basic questions he instantly gave my previous perspective a swift kick in the pants. Seemingly a straightforward and simple question, yet it stirred strong thoughts,opinions and feelings. Suddenly I had plenty to write about!
I have been in sales for 13 years and have worked for 3 hyper growth companies. The 1st quadrupled in size then went out of business. The 2nd doubled, went public then was acquired for a boat load of cash. The third had 50 employees when I joined and has grown to a global force of nearly 1,300 employees today and recently went public. In that time I have collected many friends, best practices, experiences, emotional scars and opinions on business (sales strategy in particular). This blog will be all about that! I won’t be the only one contributing so you’ll get to meet some of those friends too.  I’m sure some of my opinions won’t be shared by you, but it will be fun none the less. I hope at least a few folks stumble across the writings and either learn something or have a good laugh!
* I’ll try a few different ways to answer his question above in a few future posts 🙂
* You can learn more about me on Linkedin or on Twitter
* If you see an acronym or word anywhere on the site that you haven’t seen before, I might have posted an explanation here

6 thoughts on “Why am I doing this?

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  1. I too worked for a company that quadrupled in size and then went out of business. What a coincidence! Look forward to more posts because I smell what the Rock is cookin’!


    1. Bobby digital, funny to think about the journey we’ve been in since 2003. Marriage, kids, tech scene. Beloch made the leap too. We are juat getting started. 35 is when the jets kick in. Not the New York kind.


    1. Back at you dude. You are a true leader. My number one goal for this thing is to create a stage where all of us can share what we have learned. If you have content, bring it on!


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